How to take steps to be the best version of yourself.


Here are some of the things I do…


  • Every day I align myself with who I need to “be” that day and I “am” that person. I fully align with the feelings that go with being that person, with the intention that I will attract all that comes with it.
  • Life is beautiful in many ways, and so each day I ensure that I carve out from the busyness some time for me to fully enjoy the things in life which I love. Whether it is time with a loved one, maybe relishing a long, infectious giggle about something silly, walking my dog, or going for a swim, I make sure I claim that time in my day and am appreciative of it.
  • I make sure I go through my to-do list and prioritise the top three things which need to be done that day. And I do my very best to get them done.
  • I make time to show kindness. This could mean taking a little time to listen to someone who clearly is lonely and has no one at home to talk to. It could also be to show compassion and understanding for those whose words and actions seem rude but recognising that maybe they are suffering and this is their subconscious cry for help. I know then I am playing my part in making the world a less bleak place for some.
  • On a practical note I ensure I keep track of my finances, accounts and taxes. This way the universe knows that I am ready for more of the same because I can handle more. It also means I am more free to focus on other aspects of my life and business.
  • I also make sure I have a plan for my business – what I am aiming for the next year, what my objectives are in the next six months, next three months, this month, this week and today. I allow flexibility and welcome new opportunities but I am also focussed on achieving what I have set out to do.
  • And most of all, I show gratitude each and every day. Even for what appears to be the smallest things, such as a friendly smile, enjoying my cup of tea or breathing in fresh air as I step outside. I am grateful.