Stepping into the Unknown

Taking a leap of faith.


Today I would like to explore what can sometimes happen when we face the unknown.


The feeling I sometimes have initially is one of fear. And I know sometimes that I must take a leap of faith and step into that unknown because to not do that could be far worse for me. But I also need to decide what to do if I feel fear as if this takes hold it can become a barrier to me.


It could be a situation at work, in business, in a relationship, etc. and if I know it’s the right thing to do, I ask myself  how I can turn this feeling which can feel simply terrifying into something which feels more positive which I can more easily step up into.


Many times in my life and work when I have seemed to take a risk and made a decision where my mind was not certain of the outcome but my inner knowing did. I sometimes felt scared and full of self- doubt. However I learnt to know that I could place confidence in myself because I was following the guidance of my very soul – my intuition. I knew that the Universe had my back – in fact I had my back.


When we manifest our dreams in our lives, work and businesses, we don’t always know how they will happen and so sometimes we might need to step into the unknown to realise them.


So, in these cases, as opposed to taking the more logical proven path, we have to take a leap of faith and follow our intuition. If we feel fear then we could look at accepting that feeling, giving thanks to that feeling, and then tapping into ourselves to see if there is a real need for this fear. If there is no real need for this fear then maybe we could try seeing  the next steps as an adventure or a surprise, or in fact a miracle in the making. In this way we can enjoy the journey, knowing that feeling fear of the unknown is a good thing as it can allow us to initially question and assess the feeling, and then tap into our inner knowing. If all feels good we can then potentially transform the feeling into one of maybe  a sense of adventure – a bit like going on a fairground ride!


When I worked in Industry at the very beginning of one of my careers, I used to be terrified of the thought of public speaking. However I knew that it was something I really wanted to do and I wanted to enjoy doing. So I would make myself volunteer for any opportunity to give a presentation or provide training to groups. My fear was managed and used to my advantage as I ensured that I was always well prepared. However the excitement of not knowing what questions or comments my audience would ask began to feel more like fun – as I knew I could trust myself to handle any situation.


I also had the gift of participating in a vision quest, an ancient ceremony involving staying out in nature for a number days and nights on my own, and staying awake! For me the initial fear of being alone in the woods for that amount of time was at first overwhelming. However I ensured I prepared for it, and not only fully completed it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I enjoy knowing that my inner strength is always there for me to access at any time. So I know when I desire to manifest, I know that wherever I go on my life journey I will always have the tools that I need, even if I don’t know what they are yet! I know that my inner warrior will always be ready for me to step up into – and to ensure that all will be well, leaving me to enjoy the adventure.