Jane Paige

Owner of Medway Toddler Sense

“I can’t even put into words what Dymphna’s transformational work has done for me. She’s opened up a new world to me that has shown connections to the universe like never before. She is such a powerful spiritual leader, and she was without a doubt put on this Earth to guide people, show them the way back to happiness.


When I first met Dymphna I was going through a really hard times in my life, divorce then another failed relationship, I was fighting depression and anxiety. I struggled to keep myself positive.


Just after couple meetings with Dymphna, my sister was the first person to notice the difference in me. All I spoke about was her, she gave me so much positive energy wanting to live my life again and move on.


Working with Dymphna set me on a path to complete healing of mind, body and soul and I found happiness that I now enjoy today. None of this would have happened without her wisdom, her passion and her expertise.


Sarah Meade

Fitness Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist


“I have experienced the powerful change that working with Dymphna can instigate, in various aspects of my life including my business.


She uses a mixture of modern business techniques as well as incorporating those of a more healing and spiritual nature to provide the perfect catalyst for this transformational work.”


Dr W Fraser

Caterbury, Kent

“The best practitioners are those committed to their own transformation; for how else can they help guide us towards our own?


A highly successful career in the city, with all the material rewards it brought, was not enough to silence the yearning for deeper meaning, purpose and connection that led Dymphna to the journey, and the gifts, she now shares with us.


The treasures she brings to her work, as coach, mentor, reiki master, shamanic practitioner as well as many others have not been easily won, no true gifts ever are, and it is the depth of commitment and acknowledgment of all our struggles, that characterise Dymphna’s particular wisdom and insights.


She is both guide and fellow- traveller, a candle in the dark and joyous celebrant in the light. It is a privilege to work with her.


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