Abundant Living for Ambitious Women


Abundant Living for Ambitious Women

Jana Page

Owner of Medway Toddler Sense

“I can’t even put into words what Dymphna’s transformational work has done for me. She’s opened up a new world to me that has shown connections to the universe like never before. She is such a powerful spiritual guide, and she was without a doubt put on this Earth to guide people, show them the way back to happiness.


When I first met Dymphna I was going through a really hard times in my life, divorce then another failed relationship, I was fighting depression and anxiety. I struggled to keep myself positive.


Just after couple meetings with Dymphna, my sister was the first person to notice the difference in me. All I spoke about was her, she gave me so much positive energy wanting to live my life again and move on.


Working with Dymphna set me on a path to complete healing of mind, body and soul and I found happiness that I now enjoy today. None of this would have happened without her wisdom, her passion and her expertise”.


Sarah Meade

Fitness Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist


“I have experienced the powerful change that working with Dymphna can instigate, in various aspects of my life including my business.


She uses a mixture of modern business techniques as well as incorporating those of a more healing and spiritual nature to provide the perfect catalyst for this transformational work.”


Dr W Fraser

Canterbury, Kent


“The best practitioners are those committed to their own transformation; for how else can they help guide us towards our own?


A highly successful career in the city, with all the material rewards it brought, was not enough to silence the yearning for deeper meaning, purpose and connection that led Dymphna to the journey, and the gifts, she now shares with us.


The treasures she brings to her work, as coach, mentor, reiki master, shamanic practitioner as well as many others have not been easily won, no true gifts ever are, and it is the depth of commitment and acknowledgment of all our struggles, that characterise Dymphna’s particular wisdom and insights.


She is both guide and fellow- traveller, a candle in the dark and joyous celebrant in the light. It is a privilege to work with her”.


Mel Byron

Leadership Trainer, Comedian and Writer


 “Cascading moments of clarity; that’s what you get from one of Dymphna’s workshops. Firstly, we were inspired to visualise and believe in our own success.  Then she gave us the practical tools to achieve it.  It’s this rare combination that makes her so unique and valuable”.




Kate Cherry

Regional Director at The Athena Network Bedfordshire and St Albans


“Having met Dymphna in a networking group that I attend I was intrigued to hear more about what she did and how she helps people.

We got on well straight away, and, looking for answers myself at the time, I asked her to work with me so we booked in a session. Working with Dymphna is a process and a journey, she takes time to find out what she needs from you, we held a virtual session before our actual in person session. Then the in person session was in a beautiful venue in Central London, and then a week later we had a follow up online session. Dymphna provides incredible value for money. Not only did we delve into some things that could be hindering me in my progress, but we (she) also came up with some perfect ideas for my overall brand and mission. She has an ability to take your words, desires and the essence of you and shape it into a constructive way forward, through her mentoring skills. 

Dymphna’s style is gentle, non judgemental, open, caring, nurturing, positive and collaborative. She has been instrumental in a key turning point for me in my businesses but also in my life mission as a whole. Thank you and I highly recommend her”.



Wendy Johnstone

Wendy Johnstone Ltd


“I worked with Dymphna recently for a couple of reasons, the first because we had the same shared personal values which I think when working with a coach is important and also because she really understood my business, which is quite niche.

Dymphna’s approach was very supportive and collaborative, she took time to listen to me and fully understand what I needed before we agreed a plan of action.

I had lost my way a little and even just in the first session she really helped me to regain my confidence and refocus. The impact working with Dymphna has had is that I definitely wouldn’t have moved on as far on as I have today without her help. If you need a high impact coach I would highly recommend Dymphna”.



Alice Purser

Nutritionist and Wellbeing Coach at The Real Alice Victoria

Dymphna and I have worked together for a few months now and I can honestly say it has been a

game changer for myself and my business plans. I was at a cross roads initially and didn’t really understand how I was going to implement all of the big ideas I had to get my business up and running, but working with Dymphna on myself in the beginning, and then moving on to the business side of things, has really helped me to understand who I am as a person, what it is I am wanting to achieve and then implementing the necessary steps to get there.

I find Dymphna’s way of working very calming, grounding and focussed and that is definitely what I need as I can head “off piste” regularly! It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her and I am excited to continue doing so… thank you, Dymphna, you’re an absolute star”.


Lizzie Phillips

Business Owner


Dymphna has been a great sounding board during Lockdown. I have been able to talk through my challenges, and work out a pathway on how to grow and adapt my business”.

Shirley McGuire

Business Owner


Dymphna has very quickly injected an incredible sense of balance, in both my work and personal life.  I really thought I had no time (which was true, actually!) but now everything seems far more straightforward.  I’m feeling more purpose and enjoyment, in a nutshell I’m pretty fulfilled.  Her attention to the small detail whilst keeping a reign on the energy is quite something.  I could not have done this myself”.